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The SCCISP Certification, developed by the IoT Security Institute (IoTSI), is designed for individuals eager to acquire advanced  cyber skills, facilitating their transition into the lucrative and continuously growing field of  smart cyber security. This initiative offers a structured pathway for those who want to either initiate or progress their careers in the Smart Technology and Critical Infrastructure sectors, providing certification courses that grant academic recognition as well as industry-respected credentials.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) sector is experiencing unprecedented growth, as increasingly more devices become interconnected, offering novel functionalities and greater convenience in both personal and professional realms. This expansion is not just about quantity; the complexity and sophistication of IoT devices and systems are also increasing, bringing forth a plethora of benefits across various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, smart cities, and home automation, to name a few.

In this context, the need for suitably trained cybersecurity professionals becomes paramount. These professionals are not just tasked with safeguarding traditional IT infrastructure but are also entrusted with securing complex and often decentralized IoT networks. They need to possess a deep understanding of IoT architectures, protocols, and the unique security challenges posed by these systems. This includes the ability to implement robust security measures, conduct regular vulnerability assessments, and respond effectively to incidents in a landscape where the stakes are continuously escalating.

Individuals who can work at the Smart City, Critical Infrastructure and Industry 4.0 level are in increasing demand and highly sort after. The shortage of such qualified professionals is reflected in rewarding career development opportunities, and the increased salaries offered for suitably qualified "Smart Cyber" professionals. Earning a SCCISP Certification proves you have the necessary skills to competently & securely design, implement and manage Internet of Things Smart Ecosystems.

Industry and Government are seeking the next generation of trained cyber professionals with the smart cyber skills to address emerging and future cyber security challenges. Industry forecasts predict demand for skilled Smart Cyber professionals will easily outweigh supply (refer to image). In response, the SCCISP Campus provides industry professionals with the next generation of smart cyber skills to address these emerging cyber industry trends.

IoT Statistics and Growth Predictions

  • Every minute, there are 7,620 new IoT devices on the Internet
  • Industrial IoT market value reached $320.9 billion in 2022
  • 65% of energy companies have started utilizing IoT solutions
  • 75% of all devices will use IoT technology worldwide in 2025
  • The IoT gateway market will increase, reaching $4.24 billion in 2030
  • The automotive IoT market will have a value of $882 billion by 2028
  • The 5G IoT market continues to grow until 2033, with a value of $55.1 billion
  • In 2022, the global spending on IoT Technology was $805.7 billion
  • North America rules in the 5G IoT market by 46%
  • IoT Edge Technology can generate 175 Zettabytes of data in 2025
  • The Internet of Things has enabled 83% of global businesses to increase productivity

Source:  Techjury


Are your cyber skills keeping up with the increasing demand for next generation smart cyber professionals?


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The SCCISP (Smart Cities & Critical Infrastructure Security Professional) certification offers a comprehensive and flexible learning pathway, meticulously designed to accommodate the varied schedules and commitments of professionals in the field. One of the standout benefits of this certification is the "Study at Your Own Pace" feature, which is paired with the convenience of being 100% online. This approach ensures that all participants can tailor their earning journey to fit their individual time constraints and personal learning preferences.







SCCISP (Smart Cities & Critical Infrastructure Security Professional) Certification Released
          SCCISP Certification Released

“This certification is a response to the increasing need for training specifically developed to address the emerging challenges facing our ever-evolving smart world," Smart City Journal

What distinguishes the SCCISP certification program from other cyber training? The SCCISP Campus is designated as the cyber educational services provider for the IoT Security Institute. Through this partnership the SCCISP Campus in consultation with the IoTSI leadership team provide cyber training courses that are industry relevant, and focused on delivering the smart cyber skills currently required from the public and private sectors.This affliation provides "real world" deployment focused training designed to impart actual skills and essential process knowledge in inaccordance with industry requirements.

As an example of real world deployment based training the SCCISP Foundation and Associate,Blockchain and Maritime courses include the IoTSI Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Framework (released under a Creative Common License) as part of their SCCISP courseware material. The IoTSI Framework is published globally, and is a key reference framework for Corporate and Government entities working within the smart technology and critical infrastructure sectors. The IoTSI SCCI Framework

SCCISP Certification courses are endorsed by the IoT Security Institute Board.


Smart Cyber Security Framework Released
SCCISP Smart Cyber Security Framework Released




  • Sign Up on SCCISP Campus (You will receive an email confirming your registration )
  •  Once your account has been approved you will receive a confirmation email. (second email - account approved) 
  •  You are now able to login and enrol into SCCISP course
  • Browse through the course catalog to find the SCCISP certification course that interest you. Courses may be categorized by skill level, industry focus, or technology specialization. 

The SCCISP is offered at a graded level to best accommodate an individual's level of knowledge and experience within the cyber security industry. In addition, the SCCISP Campus offers elective courses that are specific to a particular sector or technology discipline. For example, SCCISP Maritime, SCCISP Blockchain and SCCISP 5G certifications.




All individuals who have obtained the SCCISP certification will be duly registered in the official SCCISP Register. The register allows for easy verification of an individual's certification status. Employers, clients, or collaborators can quickly confirm that a professional has attained the SCCISP certification, ensuring they have the necessary knowledge and skills.The SCCISP certification and register are recognized globally, which means professionals listed on the register can be acknowledged internationally for their expertise, Overall, being listed on the official SCCISP Register is a mark of professional achievement that can enhance a security professional's career in various ways, from increasing job opportunities to expanding their professional network within the industry.



SCCISP certification courses offer a comprehensive curriculum tailored to professionals at various skill levels and specializing in different industries or technologies. These courses are structured to accommodate participants with diverse backgrounds and career objectives within the realm of cyber security.Each SCCISP course is carefully crafted to address the unique challenges and requirements of its target audience. Industry-specific courses provide in-depth insights into sector-specific threats, vulnerabilities, and best practices, ensuring that participants gain practical knowledge applicable to their professional environments. Likewise, technology-focused courses focus on the intricacies of securing specific systems or platforms commonly found in critical infrastructure settings, IoT devices, or cloud-based architectures.

SCCISP Foundation Course - Advanced

SCCISP Foundation Certification Brochure



The SCCISP (Senior Certified Critical Infrastructure Security Professional) Foundation certification offers several benefits to its recipients. It demonstrates a commitment to the smart cyber field and a high level of expertise, which can be decisive factors especially for positions that require specific knowledge of modern security challenges. Holders of the SCCISP Foundation certification are often considered for senior roles within their organizations or in new roles elsewhere. The certification equips them with the skills and knowledge to handle more complex  modern security challenges, making them suitable candidates for leadership positions within the cybersecurity industry.

This course is ideal for senior security professionals who are seeking to acquire the necessary smart cyber  skills to take advantage of this evolving and  lucrative cyber security sector. 

Note: To undertake this course candidates are required to have a minimum of (5) five years cyber security experience.

SCCISP Associate Course - Entry



The SCCISP (Smart Cities & Critical Infrastructure Security Professional) Associate  course stands out as the perfect entry-level program for individuals aiming to hone their cybersecurity skills within the realm of smart technologies. This course is specifically designed for those who are aspiring to delve into this rapidly evolving sector. The course offers comprehensive smart cyber  skills in the principles and applications of cybersecurity within the context of smart technologies and infrastructures.

SCCISP Maritime Certification

SCCISP Maritime Certification



The SCCISP (Smart Cities & Critical Infrastructure Security Professional) Maritime course is a specialized program designed to address the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by the maritime sector. As the maritime industry becomes increasingly reliant on digital technologies, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been more critical. This course provides cyber professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect maritime infrastructure against cyber threats.

With the maritime industry's growing emphasis on cybersecurity, professionals who have specialized knowledge in this area are in high demand. This course can significantly enhance career opportunities in both the cybersecurity and maritime sectors.

SCCISP Blockchain Certification

SCCISP Blockchain Certification



The SCCISP (Smart Cities & Critical Infrastructure Security Professional) Blockchain course is a comprehensive program designed to equip cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by blockchain technology.

Key benefits and relevance of the SCCISP Blockchain course include:

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the cybersecurity principles specific to blockchain technology, including its vulnerabilities, threat vectors, and mitigation strategies.

With the growing adoption of blockchain technology, there is a high demand for professionals who can navigate its cybersecurity challenges. This course opens up new career paths in sectors that are increasingly relying on blockchain.

SCCISP 5G Certification



The SCCISP (Smart Cities & Critical Infrastructure Security Professional) 5G course is a tailored program designed to address the cybersecurity aspects of the fifth-generation technology standard for cellular networks—5G. As 5G technology is set to revolutionize industries with its unprecedented speed and connectivity capabilities, it also brings forth new cybersecurity challenges and vulnerabilities that professionals in the field must be prepared to address.

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the security landscape of 5G technology, learning about its architecture, inherent vulnerabilities, and the potential threats it faces.As industries adopt 5G technology, there's a growing demand for cybersecurity professionals who are well-versed in its unique challenges. This course offers participants an opportunity to advance their careers by acquiring cutting-edge knowledge and skills.


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